Welcome to Mountain Geckos and our newly updated site. After a long 18 months of health issues that had put my life on hold, I am slowly moving forward with the breeding with our collection. Thank you to those who contacted me with support. It really was appreciated. This year I have began breeding most of the geckos and some of the snakes to see how I can handle the workload, and so far things seem great. We now are seeing the first hatchlings for the year, and it is wonderful to see those tiny little eyes staring up at me once again.

What's New?

This year, I have the APTORS,RAPTORS, snows, Eclipse, and many other colors hatching with the leopard geckos. All of the cresteds, both striped and red reticulated gargoyle groups, Mainland and PI Chahoua, Grand Terre and Island E locales of leachianus now breeding with eggs already in the incubating. After the year off, its like Christmas again when the eggs hatch out.

With easing the way back into breeding, and with the economy the way it is at this point, I am going to be very selective to what projects and what animals to focus on this year.  I do not want to produce animals that are un-adoptable/sellable, nor produce animals that are already overly mass produced here in our country already. 

I have many corn projects, bloods, lavanders, hypos in both, ultramels, striped and motley in all colors.  Some albino and anery now being worked into the different lavander and blood breedings, but we will see how the economy goes to whether we choose to breed any of the colubrids at all again this season.

With the balls, we will have clutches from out het albinos, spiders, pastels, mojave, and fingers crossed, our anxanthic trio.  They have been cooling and are now breeding. 

Jungle albino APTOR leopard gecko

New Projects

I am excited to announce that after countless attempts with no success with breeding the Red Eyed Tree Frogs, I finally got our third spawn of eggs. Fingers are crossed that I will continue to get this group to breed and hatch out some more of the cutest little froglets!! If you have any questions about availability or pricing, please feel free to contact me between 7am-9pm Pacific Time. Emails anytime, and are usually promptly returned.

Behind the Scenes

Along with the reptile hobby and breeding, I have other projects on the go that are quite rewarding. I now have persian kittens from two separate moms, as well as the cutest pug pups. Too cute for words!! I can ship at buyer's expense for any of these after they have been vet checked are of age to go to new homes. Contact me for more information and availability. Later on this year, we are also expecting our first litter of Neopolitan Mastiffs pups!!
Please return often for updates!! Thanks for visiting my site!